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Do Babies actually matter in South Africa?


31 Jul Do Babies actually matter in South Africa?

The continued increase in incidents of child abandonment, child abuse, child neglect and child murder seem to be telling
us that sadly they do not.

Child abandonment continues to be a major challenge in South Africa:
It is estimated that around 300 babies per month are abandoned
For every abandoned child found alive, two are found dead (Gauteng area)
70% of abandonments are unsafe and many babies are never found

Studies show that abandonment most frequently results from:
Desperation due to poverty and unemployment
A breakdown of the family often due to mass urbanisation




What can be done?

Changes to government policy:
Lowering the age of consent for adoption placement
Facilitating safe abandonment through implementing safe haven laws.
Unify and empower our communities and society, to create positive and permanent change in the lives of our children

CMR choose to care!
Last year we have placed 10 abandoned babies in loving, caring and nurturing homes.

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